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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops+ is an expansion to the well-received PlayStation Portable game Portable Ops. The add-on will feature new characters, numerous missions, new gameplay and modes, tutorials for beginners, and a new single-player mode dubbed "Infinity Mission". The game also features one more 'secret' mode.


Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops+ features the same gameplay as it's predecessor, with added enhancements to brand new character types, such as the revamped CQC attacks for Raiden and the Tengu soldiers. New maps make for new tactics, and Solid series characters make for additional weapon types never seen in the standard Portable Ops game.


  1. All-new Metal Gear Solid action game on the PSP system
  1. Brand new game modes and single player "Infinity Mission".
  1. New characters feature Roy Campbell, the Genome Soldier, Tengu Soldier, Raiden, Olga Gurlukovich, Old Snake, and more!
  1. Recruit all new NPCs, and trade them online via adhoc, or in infrastructure real combat battles!
  1. New weapon editions from past Metal Gear Solid games, such as the SOCOM USP pistol, FAMAS, and famed High Frequency blade!
  1. Brand new maps!
  1. New and improved chat method makes for easier messaging during battle!

Hardware Requirements

PSP System with game UMD's included firmware update.

Official URL

Official Site
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May 31, 10 3:57pm
Best damn game ever beside the people who freeze they suck. Go to http://best-clan-ever.jimdo.com/ to see the best clan ever! MetalGearSolidPortableOpsPlus PSP
Mar 27, 10 1:57am
looking* MetalGearSolidPortableOpsPlus PSP
Mar 27, 10 1:57am
im lookingt to join a clan MetalGearSolidPortableOpsPlus PSP
Dec 13, 09 12:13pm
was allright but wish they never made it the way they did, MGS:PW ftw MetalGearSolidPortableOpsPlus PSP
Ryuzaki _L
Nov 25, 09 12:36pm
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Ryuzaki _L
Aug 21, 09 12:44pm
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Hmmm....it was good... MetalGearSolidPortableOpsPlus PSP
Ryuzaki _L
Mar 13, 09 4:54am
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gerard way owns you
Jan 31, 09 9:05am
Jan 16, 09 8:38am
Excellent gameplay, allowing more development of MGS:PO, despite the lack of story. BEWARE OF ONLINE MODE! MetalGearSolidPortableOpsPlus PSP
Dec 13, 08 10:08am
Expanding on the original, more soldiers and a new gaming mode Infinity Mission, which makes playing it much more tactical and fun for... MetalGearSolidPortableOpsPlus PSP
Ryuzaki _L
Sep 20, 08 11:00pm
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Ryuzaki _L
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