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The sequel to the game Metal Gear Acid. Metal Gear Acid 2 will introduce new types of cards to employ. Additionally, the user interface will be revamped with an emphasis on making the control more comfortable and the gameplay a little quicker.


Players select movements, actions, and weapons for the characters using cards in a deck, which will help complete different types of missions. This card-based game uses characters, items, and actions familiar to fans of the "MGS" series. Several new card types will be added and the user interface will be improved, with faster gameplay and more comfortable controls.


  • 3D Mode – gameplay and trailers created in 3D for a new visual experience
  • All new colorful comic book style look with explosive effects
  • Arena Mode – Fight classic boss enemies from previous Metal Gear games
  • Multiplayer Versus Mode – determine who the best MGA2 player is using the PSP system's wireless capabilities
  • Improved strategic gameplay, including card weapon upgrades and more 500 cards for use
  • Tutorial Mode – familiarizes novice players with the strategic gameplay in Metal Gear Acid 2
  • Import cards from the previous version of Metal Gear Acid
  • Game connectivity with MGS3: Subsistence – players can import photographs taken in MGS3: Subsistence and view them in 3D on the PSP system

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The sequel to the first which includes revamped graphics, new story and new features. MetalGearAcid2 PSP
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