MediEvil Resurrection Own / Want List

Username Comments
Lucky Gamer None
Twin_Master One of the original launch games with a enjoyable but repetitive gameplay aspect.
Coi Cki None
kariont None
LightspeedEXE None
Lotus35 None
SebyBuz None
jrsboo None
hbn I've completed the original.
themidnightflame None
TheUltimateDragoon None
Mudkip94 None
Jdogtoocool None
Project Genesis None
globetrotter None
the chosen 179 None
theppel None
Zombie OvErKiLl None
alphador 8.2/10
answew None
DisturbedxBlue None
Masak25 None
nihilism_is_bliss None
Myasho None
minnietheminx None
Sir Daniel Fortesque None
Raziel2465 None