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In the post-Gagharv era, the land of El Phildin is consumed by a bitter war. As its citizens fight to survive, one will be taken by the darkness. As time passes and light returns, wounds heal and lives move on - except for one. On his quest to free his sister, will Avin be prepared for what he finds?


The Gameplay is simple.
Use either the Joy Stick or the control stick to move around. Then you use the "X" button to confirm actions and check weird things in the overworld.
In battles, everything you will use it the Joy stick or the D+Pad to select your oponents to attack and to move around. The battles are turn based.


  • Classic RPG game play featuring an epic storyline with over 100 characters.
  • Some of the most beautiful crafted 3D environments available on the PSP (PlayStation®Portable) system.
  • More than 50 hours of game play.
  • Unique pet system - use your furry friends to help you on your journey!
  • From the legendary Nihon Falcom; the creators of the "Ys," "Brandish" and "Sorcerian series.

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Young teenage heroes are nothing new to video games. Shiny swords, magic spells, we've...

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Comments: Sony showed me something great. One of the best RPGs that one could find....

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  • Genre: Fantasy RPG
  • Developer: Falcom
  • Publisher: Bandai
  • Released
    North AmericaNov 15, 2005
    JapanJun 2, 2005
  • Also known as:
  • Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy IV: Akai Shizuku in Japan
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7.3 / 10
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