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Juiced 2 allows players to showcase their skills at the Hot Import Nights events, and introduces a new drifting component and personal customization both online and offline.


  • Lap up the atmosphere of the real tuning scene, complete with lights, DJs, music and, of course, girls.
  • Get your car sideways for as long as possible to rack up the big scores - Controlling a car has never been more rewarding.
  • Earn your boost: Powerslide through the corners to get a nitrous refill.
  • Enjoy almost limitless graphics options: Decals, paint layers, sticker layers and interiors.
  • Are you cool or wild? Develop your unique Driver DNA and let your friends download it. Download your friend's DNA and have them join your crew.
  • Play for Pinks: Stake your prize ride on a race or a drift competition to win your opponent's pride and joy.
  • Hire, fire and manage your own crew.
  • Spook your opponents and force them to crash.
  • Take on real-life crews and star drivers from the tuning scene.
  • Race and collect the hottest rides—Imports, Exotics, European, Old Muscle and New Muscle all feature with hundreds of real tuning parts and tens of thousands of combinations.
  • Take the party to the World's most famous landmarks—race around Big Ben, The Golden Gate Bridge, Tokyo, the Sydney Opera House and Rome's Coliseum.

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May 27, 13 8:41am
overall great racing game tons of cars upgrade lacks abit but doesn't take away from the gameplay 8/10 Juiced2HotImportNights PS2
izanagi_the_creator and 7 others own Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
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Sep 01, 10 5:47pm
shit Juiced2HotImportNights PC
Sep 01, 10 5:47pm
such a dissapointment. juiced 1 was much better Juiced2HotImportNights PC
May 24, 10 7:43am
completed under diff profile(cyber dog 00) Juiced2HotImportNights PC
Jun 25, 09 4:04pm
A souped-up game with some turbo lag. Juiced2HotImportNights PC
Sep 17, 07 10:27pm
added 3 new concept art
Sep 17, 07 8:47pm
added 12 new screenshots
  • Genre: Racing - Car
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Juice Games
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Released
    North AmericaOct 8, 2007
    EuropeOct 19, 2007
    AustraliaOct 25, 2007
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6.5 / 10
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