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Product Wiki Description: Addition to the Harvest Moon Series. It's a remake of The Back To Nature and For Girls Harvest Moon game.
RPG - One player mode.
Offers of many bachelors/bachelettes to marry and continuing on your life.

Choice of male or female character.

Having a child.

Fun festivals and events.
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Release Date (North America):Jul 31, 2007 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Q2 2006 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Nov 23, 2005 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Q2 2006 submit new
Perspective:First Person submit new
Themes:Lifestyle submit new
Publisher:Natsume submit new
Developer:Marvelous Interactive submit new
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Online Multiplayer:1 submit new
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Alternate Titles:Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy and Girl (Japan)
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