God of War: Chains of Olympus Own / Want List

Username Comments
Queenpetra None
Epicmass None
lieutenant88pl None
R1DDL3S None
Arcanium None
Mystic None
MusiKon None
chaos None
Twin_Master Great PSP game with all your GOW fun.
gamerXXXX None
toluko None
ZhaoYunX None
MrX867 None
DMW None
BlazinFaze None
SebyBuz None
DarshD None
DarkSpyro_Dragon None
Quixotic I really enjoyed this game. I love Kratos.
Chimaira None
Final Blade None
guyvezero Not much to say but wow.
nighterrornightmare None
Gamesta100 None
DarKaiSer None
Swampert X None
The Ghostly Soldier None
Bombermans None
PangTong_Blademaster None
marco4pres None
Dark_Magic None
kokushishin None
petersara None
Chelseafan One of the best games on PSP.
gamemaste great game
frogsta None
Little Jacob None
wedualc83 None
Gandalf Stormcrow None
Helwig None
finalfantasyguy13 None
xbox360hater None
Arshad26 None
Sapphiryeon Awesome
Exokriz None
09168564918 None
Dark Helmet 781 None
BoBsagget52 None
El Cool Magnifico None