Sudoku is the puzzle phenomenon from Japan, a game that looks like a math problem, but is in fact a twisting puzzler. The rules are simple: start with a grid consisting of nine three-by-three squares in which some of the numbers are already supplied. Fill in the blank squares so that each column, row, and three-by-three grid contains a number from 1 to 9 with none repeated.


  • Game Share - send your PSP owning friends up to 5 Sudoku puzzles to try.
  • Save your scores with Best Times and merge records wirelessly with other players to see who really is kingpin.
  • Personalise your Sudoku experience with pictures from your photo directory.
  • Enjoy animated 'elemental' grid backdrops covering air, earth, water and fire.
  • Test your nerve with the Time Challenge Mode.
  • Keep it fresh with downloadable content. Set for launch in 2006, the downloadable content will include brand new puzzle packs.

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The addictive game comes to the PSP.
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