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Product Wiki Description: In a world without borders, terrorism knows no limits.
In the year 2030, where does reality end and virtuality begin? The line between cyborg and human is almost indistinguishable and cyber-crime, espionage, and terrorism plague a society lost between humanity and technology.
As Section 9's secret weapon, Major Motoko Kusanagi is humanity's last hope.
Cybernetic body, human brain. All woman, all business.
  • Play as "Major" Motoko Kusanagi, Batou and Tachikoma.
  • Over 20 minutes of beautifully...
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Release Date (North America):Oct 26, 2005 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Oct 21, 2005 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Sep 15, 2005 submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective: submit new
Themes:Sci-Fi (Futuristic) submit new
Publisher:SCEI submit new
Developer:SCEI submit new
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Offline Multiplayer:6 submit new
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Alternate Titles:Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex - (JPN) (Japan)
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