Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Own / Want List

Username Comments
deltasun None
Areya None
lieutenant88pl None
Sharditall None
Arietta None
HUNTER4791 None
Hrvstmn None
acevus None
ShadowGuard 8.5/10
SpiritMafia None
Hell Fire None
Lukaeu None
finalfantasyguy13 None
en WyCe None
Sonic Flash None
Akira_EX None
Shana None
Dante_101 None
Mystic None
Lightice wernt too bad wish it was better tho bit disappointed but good game none the less
Downward Spiral None
rebecca518 None
Magnetic_storm None
Principality None
Quetzalcoatl None
BeezEvyl None
TestamentX2 None
the real slim None
Maximus 3 None
Ruthless_Warrior2001 None
smithswood None
Twin_Master One of the best PSP games, containing excellent gameplay and storyline.
yugiRULER GREAT RPG game and was good and long. Loved the missions.
CrystalLaser None
Axl exe None
Asianz None
Tidus Strife None
Asch None
Sindrak None
Heartbreaker None
gamerXXXX None
andoryu None
Dark Saiyan Warrior None
Sleepy1465124 None
Shin Ra None
Samurai X14 None
kariont None
BlazinFaze None
U_know_who None
rubymatt None