Echoshift is a spin-off of Echochrome, a popular puzzle game on the PS3 and PSP.

Game Play

Gameplay is similar to Echochrome and its unique puzzle concept, with a new style of gaming as well as visual appeal. New to this game includes "Self Co-Op," which teams you up with your past/history in that level. This past history shows up as a "ghost" of a previous attempt. The more you have to start over, the more ghosts appear. The trick to use these multiple ghosts strategically to assist the player through the level and reach the goal.


•Solve over 30 different puzzle types, including moving objects, doors controlled by switches, crumbling floors, etc.

•Nine themed worlds, each with five levels based on different puzzle concepts and types.

•Additional Stages Available Online -- Can't get enough? Look for add-on levels available after launch.

Hardware Info

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