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Based on the highly anticipated 20th Century Fox feature film of the same name, DRAGONBALL: Evolution lets players participating in intense battles, gamers are invited to follow the path of Goku to his predestined fight against the evil Lord Piccolo in Story mode. Players can also battle against a number of opponents in Arcade mode, accept challenges in Mission mode or hone their technique in Training mode. DRAGONBALL: Evolution also lets players challenge friends to online feats of strength in Network Battle mode for infinite+ replay value.


In DRAGONBALL: Evolution for the PSP system, ultimate powers collide as players match up against their favorite characters from the film release and battle for control of the seven sacred Dragon Balls that have the power to grant any wish. DRAGONBALL: Evolution employs an easy-to-learn yet difficult to master fighting system which provides everyone the power to pull off stylish and dynamic attacks. Ki (energy) management will be essential to gain the upper hand and unleash a devastating attack on unsuspecting opponents.
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