Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.9/10

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Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Reviews

website score publish date article quality
1UP B Nov 01 '07
EuroGamer 9/10 Dec 03 '07
GamerNode 8.5/10 Oct 29 '07
GameZone 8.3/10 Oct 04 '07
Gaming-Age A- Nov 29 '07
Jolt.co.uk 9/10 Jan 26 '08
PALGN 8.5/10 Feb 16 '08
Pocket Gamer uk 10/10 Dec 14 '07
Portable Review 8.5/10 Oct 31 '07
PSP Fanboy 9/10 Nov 06 '07
RPGFan 88% Oct 23 '07
TotalPlaystation 9.5/10 Nov 04 '07
Videogame Talk 4/5 Dec 08 '07
Yahoo! Video Games 5/5 Nov 01 '07
EuroGamer 9/10 Dec 03 '07
GameSpot 8.0/10 Nov 02 '07
Gamespy 5/5 Nov 01 '07
Gamespy 5/5 Nov 01 '07
IGN PSP 9/10 Oct 30 '07
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Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Previews

website publish date article rating
GameZone Aug 20 '07
IGN PSP Aug 21 '07
Kombo PSP Aug 15 '07
TotalPlaystation Aug 25 '07
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Quoted from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness reviews & previews
"Afternoon delight."
"The two minor gameplay additions and the Etna Mode make this superior to the PS2 original. If you've never played Disgaea before because of difficulty finding it, you have no excuse now."
"If you've got a PSP and are a fan of strategy RPGs, Disgaea is a worthy addition to your collection."
"What is different, however, is the inclusion of Etna Mode, which we were able to unlock using a preview build code (this may or may not be in the final build). Etna Mode, a guaranteed laugh, provides an alternative telling of Disgaea's story from the point of view of Etna. This perspective starts with Etna accidentally killing Laharl when trying to wake him up. Everything following that, it seems, is a spoiler for the main game, since you're suddenly privy to a great amount of information you wouldn't have known had you been playing from Laharl's perspective. Gameplay wise, the mode is very similar to the main story, granted that Etna is the main character and the plot flow is drastically different. Although your party starts at Level 1, the opening battles felt a touch more challenging than the skirmishes that Laharl faces, and no Tutorials are given during combat. This mode is clearly designed for those who have already played the main game, and want a fresh glimpse at the story. Although we only had limited time with Etna's perspective, this additional mode should certainly attract veterans of the game who want to revisit a classic title."
"With a nearly flawless port of the classic title to the PSP, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness is a game that any strategy RPG fan should definitely own. Even if you have the PS2 version of the game, the inclusion of Etna Mode as well as the addition of Multiplayer and Geo Cubes places enough of a spin on the game to improve and strengthen the incredibly deep title even more. While it's a bit disappointing that some of the original issues haven't been fixed, this is still an awesome game that works amazingly well on Sony's handheld. If you're a fan, or even slightly interested in the strategy genre, go out and buy this title now. Stop reading and start planning your conquest of the Netherworld."