Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.0/10

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Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars Reviews

website score publish date
GameDaily 8/10 Aug 13 '07
EuroGamer 4/10 Sep 29 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.6/10 Aug 28 '07
GameSpot 6.0/10 Aug 22 '07
Gamespy 4/5 Aug 30 '07
IGN PSP 7.5/10 Aug 09 '07
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Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars Previews

website publish date
IGN PSP Feb 14 '07
PSP TotalPlayStation May 17 '07
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EuroGamer on Oct 24 '09

"Time takes its toll."

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GameSpot on Aug 23 '07

"Fare Wars offers up the first two Dreamcast Crazy Taxi games on the PSP, though neither game has held up particularly well."

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IGN PSP on Feb 20 '07

"The goal of Crazy Taxi is extremely simple - pick up a passenger and get them to their destination as quickly as possible. Rinse and repeat. That describes the Taxi portion of its name, but it's..."

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IGN PSP on Aug 10 '07

"Re-releases are never easy to review. Sure, a title might have been awesome when it was first released, but times change and game engines age. For a compilation to succeed, it needs to bring..."

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