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The game is set in 2051. Earth has been ruthlessly assaulted by extraterrestrials, and nineteen years of nonstop battle now threatens the very existence of humanity. The last hope for human survival is BRS, a heroine created solely to save planet Earth; she is the ultimate battle android. But when she is awakened to end the battle once and for all, there are only twelve human beings left on Earth…

Game Play

  • BRS grows along with the player
The more you play the game, the more skills you'll be able to unlock. This character growth and skill exploration provides a significant RPG aspect to the game.
  • Countless missions and hidden moments of drama
As you clear the many missions in the game, the dramatic story will unfold. Experiencing this game will open up many news aspects of Black Rock Shooter.
  • Artwork that expands the world of BRS
Although it has many fans, the world of Black Rock Shooter is still shrouded in mystery. But by fully exploring the boundaries of the PSP, this world now stands revealed.


  • The World: Explore ghostly city ruins, bizarre alien structures, and more as you travel through illustrator Huke’s vision of a devastated future Earth!
  • The Enemy: Engage in lightning-fast battles where your choices and reflexes are the only thing standing between you and total annihilation!
  • The Girl: Level up BRS to equip her with a bevy of attacks and skills to make full use of her superhuman abilities and gigantic cyber-cannon!
  • The Last Hope: Complete a variety of missions for the last remaining humans to unlock new guns, costumes, challenges, and more!

Hardware Info

Black Rock Shooter: The Game will be a PSN exclusive for Sony Playstation Portable and Vita.

Official URL

Official Site (JP)
Official Site (ENG)

A trailer for the North American release of Black Rock Shooter: The Game was recently released for public... posted Apr 07, 13 1:34pm

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Finally has a release date: April 23rd, 2013 BlackRockShooterTheGame PSP
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