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Average Review Score: 8.6/10

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Transistor Reviews

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Computer and Video Games 7/10 May 20 '14
Destructoid 8.5/10 May 20 '14
EuroGamer 9/10 May 20 '14
Game Informer 9/10 May 20 '14
Gamespot 8/10 May 20 '14
GameTrailers 9.0/10 May 20 '14
IGN 9.0/10 May 20 '14
Polygon 8.5/10 May 20 '14
Neoseeker 10 / 10 May 20 '14
Game Critics 8.5/10 May 27 '14
Games Radar 4.0/5 May 20 '14
GamingBolt 8.5/10 May 26 '14
USgamer 4.5/5 May 20 '14
Worthplaying Buy Transistor May 29 '14
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Destructoid on May 20 '14

"Supergiant Games hasn't delivered a wholly new experience with Transistor but it's still an enjoyable game that's well made and has wonderful art and sound. The new tactical combat is welcome and..."

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EuroGamer on May 20 '14

"Enjoy the artful approach to science-fiction, enjoy the hoops Supergiant's jumped through to position you in the right place to engage with its combat, and you can even enjoy the very fact that the..."

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Game Informer on May 20 '14

"Transistor’s focus on combat lets it shine, but one battle after the next results in a strictly linear path to game completion that can feel repetitive."

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Gamespot on May 20 '14

"With a gorgeous audiovisual style, unconventional science fiction narrative, and empowering combat system, Transistor is a distinctive and memorable experience."

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GameTrailers on May 20 '14

"Transistor isn’t something you’ll forget about immediately after finishing it. Instead, it’s one that you’ll wish you could play again for the first time."

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