Red had it all: fame, beauty, and a good man. Yet she loses it all one night to a botched assassination attempt. In Transistor, players assume the role of a young woman who loses her voice but gains the powerful Transistor weapon. With it, she must fight her way to the mysterious people who wanted her dead, while the entire world crumbles around her.

Transistor is the highly-anticipated release from Supergiant Games, the studio that brought us Bastion. Enter the beautiful yet treacherous world of Cloudbreak, a sprawling city of data suffering from an unknown affliction. Amidst the chaos are Red and her weapon and companion, the Transistor. She doesn't know why she lost her voice, and the Transistor's existence is a mystery to them both; their only lead is a secret society of the Cloudbreak's elite, called the "Camerata." Seeking them out one by one, Red will learn of their plans for the city, its people, and why they stole her voice.

With the powerful Transistor sword in her possession, Red is able to manipulate the reality around her. Its unique abilities, called "Functions," allow the player to customize combat by selecting the optimal combination of active and passive skills. This adds both an element of strategy as well as personalization.

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