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When the world ends, people can either turn on each other or turn to one another for help.... posted Jun 10, 14 2:03am

It's that month prior to E3 where some games are announced to come stand in the spotlight, and... posted May 15, 14 10:26am

Massive Entertainment put together a little video for GDC this year to show developers a little... posted Mar 20, 14 7:40pm

Snowdrop Engine video from GDC TomClancysTheDivision PS4

The Division is going to be yet another gorgeous game for next-gen, and Ubisoft is eager to... posted Dec 09, 13 8:43am

Looks like Tom Clancy's The Division will be heading to PC after all. Congratulations to those... posted Aug 20, 13 5:37am

The Division knocked everyone on their butt during Ubisoft's E3 2013 press conference. How had Ubisoft managed to... posted Jun 18, 13 4:35pm

[image1 width=650 height=163] Ubisoft's big IP surprise at their E3 conference ended being Tom Clancy's The... posted Jun 10, 13 5:54pm

We already know Ubisoft will be bringing its major franchises to E3 this year, confirming late last month that... posted Jun 10, 13 2:41pm

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