Jonathan Blow, creator of the hit indie title Braid and prominent independent development spokesperson, announced his second game in 2009. Six years later, The Witness is quickly approaching an as-yet-unconfirmed launch window and gamers are still wondering: "What is The Witness?" Revealed in 2010, despite the premise of The Witness being apparent as a 3D game filled with unique puzzles set on an island, the secrets of The Witness remain hidden until its launch.

The Witness is an adventure game. That is to say, that it -- as far as anyone can tell, this is Jonathan Blow we're talking about -- does not feature any combat. It's all puzzles and exploration. The player will start the game on a part of a mysterious island. They'll have to complete several puzzles, which are located on several monitor screens, just to escape the introductory area. Once outside this area, the full world of The Witness opens up to the player -- a true open-world for the player to explore. It will take players dozens of hours to complete the hundreds of puzzles hidden throughout the world and to truly experience the entirety of The Witness.

Don't presume that The Witness is just a sandbox experience though. Jonathan Blow has confirmed that despite the open-world structure of the game, there is a story, there is a critical path to the game. Early details about the game detailed the story to be told through audio logs spread throughout the island. Brief messages from others, much like the protagonist, who found themselves on this lonely island. However, Blow also says that players may have different experiences depending on how they approach the world and the story, though what that means is rather ambiguous.

The Witness will be coming both to PC and PlayStation 4. Jonathan Blow has confirmed that the game is content complete and contains well over 500 puzzles. While there's currently no release window and there's likely many things left to finish before the game is ready for its final release, the game has certainly reached a significant milestone the final build-up. What is The Witness?

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