After an unfortunate delay, The Order: 1886 will move from being the PlayStation 4's major release of the 2014 holiday season into early 2015. This extra time is said to be used by Sony to polish the highly cinematic shooter, perhaps with the goal of smoothing out transitions between gameplay and set-piece moments. Either way, Sony and Ready at Dawn are aiming for a blockbuster.

At its heart The Order: 1886 is a third-person shooter with elements of quick-time events used for combat sequences and puzzles. There's a heavy reliance on cinematic cut-scenes and breaks between the action where the player will interact with their environment in different ways. For example, standing on top of roof peering out over the city looking for a marker through binoculars.

The story revolves around an alternate timeline, an industrial age where a small group of soldiers have imbibed a magical elixir that extends their lifespan. This additional lifespan, along with powerful steampunk-esque weapons and technology, allow the small group to battle against supernatural forces which hunt them. Werewolves, and potentially something more.

The Order 1886: is Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive. Its success, or lack thereof, will likely determine whether the original IP turns into a franchise.

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