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Sony went into E3 this year feeling plenty good about what it's achieved thus far with the... posted Jun 13, 14 12:27pm

If you were sitting on the fence about getting a PlayStation 4 in hopes of a new color to be... posted Jun 10, 14 12:42am

Three E3 2014 press conferences down and one to go. Sony's PlayStation at E3 2014 media... posted Jun 09, 14 5:00pm

Sony Corp. has apparently set the wheels in motion to introduce its PlayStation platforms in... posted May 26, 14 12:56pm

Sony made it a point to apply any hard lessons learned from the PlayStation 3 in conceiving and... posted May 23, 14 2:02pm

The PlayStation 4 helped boost total sales and operating for both Sony Corp's gaming division... posted May 14, 14 3:02pm

If you have a PS4 then why are you not checking out our General PS4 forum? http://neo.ly/1eefE3j PlayStation4Hardware PS4

In today's Sony announcement that the PlayStation 4 had reached 7 million in sales they also... posted Apr 17, 14 10:43am

Over a month ago Sony was quite delighted to report that PlayStation 4 hardware sales hit 6... posted Apr 16, 14 5:04pm

I think we can all agree that watching things in 2D is so 2013. 2014 is the year of Sony's... posted Mar 27, 14 7:54pm

Sony's been a bit lacking on the PlayStation 4 updates since the console launched this past... posted Mar 19, 14 2:41pm

It was Sony's worst kept secret of GDC, but they went ahead and unveiled their 3D headset... posted Mar 18, 14 6:38pm

Good bye Jack :( You were an awesome CEO PlayStation4Hardware PS4

The PlayStation 4 is already the fastest selling Sony console yet, and the company confirms its... posted Mar 04, 14 11:04am

Sony's 5.3 million PlayStation 4 systems sold after three months is now a thing of the past.... posted Feb 25, 14 3:39pm

Sony announced today that the PlayStation 4 has sold 5.3 million units after only three months... posted Feb 18, 14 1:36pm

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