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The third in the inFamous franchise, inFamous: Second Son takes place 7 years from the events of inFamous 2 and focuses on the story of another protagonist: Delsin Rowe. Delsin Rowe is a free running graffiti artist street kid in Seattle who discovers he is a Conduit - a superhuman 'mutant'. This discovery inevitably leads him to being persecuted and targetted by the Department of Unified Protection, an oppressive security arm of the government.

Delsin and his brother Reggie head to Seattle, a DUP controlled city, where the bulk of the game takes place. There, he will seek out and help other Conduits, making choices along the way for "good" or "evil" which will determine the tone and direction of the game.

Game Play

infamous: Second Son is an open world sandbox style action title set in Seattle. The game is structured around districts of Seattle which are under DUP control, and which Delsin must free by completing various objectives. As Delsin clears objectives he is rewarded with Blast Shards, which he uses to upgrade and unlock various powers.

There are a variety of powers, and inFamous titles revolve around the growth of the protagonist as an ever more powerful mutant, giving players more options for visually thrilling combat or just easier and more appealing modes of transport from area to area.


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