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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is the high-definition remake of the PSP action RPG originally released for Japan in 2011, now updated for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Type-0 is set in the world of Orience divided into four Crystal States, each controlling a crystal that bestows its respective nation with unique talents. The Militesi Empire breaks the peace and launches an attack on the Dominion of Rubrum, and soon war consumes all of Orience.

Players experience the journey of Class Zero, a group of fourteen students from Rubrum's academy who join in the defense of their nation. The game is structured through missions that players undertake while selecting destinations from Orience's world map. Missions employ Class Zero's students themselves, or even whole military divisions directed by the player from the world map, and can involve liberating cities under enemy control or going on offensives. Mission objectives are dynamic and may change based on player actions.

Encounters with enemies during missions unfold as real-time battles where players take control of up to three characters they can switch between at any time during combat. Each character fights with their signature weapon that bestows unique abilities and special attacks that players can unleash, and some can also use ranged magic skills. Players can coordinate special team attacks and counterattacks through proper timing.

The game was originally announced as "Final Fantasy Agito XIII" for the PSP and mobile phones, and was intended to introduce players to Square Enix's "Fabula Nova Crystallis" brand of titles that Final Fantasy XIII and XV are also a part of. The mobile phone version was eventually cancelled, and Agito XIII was renamed Type-0. The PS4 and Xbox One ports of the game mark Type-0's official localized release outside of Japan. Sadly the multiplayer elements from the original PSP release were removed from the Type-0 HD remakes for consoles.

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