Fighting games will never be the same. Iron Galaxy has reinvented the 2D fighting game by stripping away everything the fighting game community expects from their Street Fighters and their Mortal Kombats -- stripped it all away and added just two mechanics. Jumping. And. Divekicking. Two buttons. That's it. Nothing more. Wait, wait, don't leave. It's actually a whole lot of fun.

What started as a goofy demo starring two goofy characters, Dive and Kick, who could only jump into the air and then kick downwards grew into a fighting game revolution. Movement is controlled by how far into the air a player has jumped before they pressed the kick button. A kick can knock out an opponent whether it hits ankle or chest. A kick to the head makes the loser start the next round slow than they'd normally be. Matches that last longer than the time limit awards the win to the one closest to the center line.

From that initial demo, Divekick transformed into something unholy. Ways in which two buttons can be used were discovered which no man should know. Jumpbacks were added to the game, which occur when the kick button is pressed while on the ground. Super abilities were added, activated by pressing both buttons at the same time. Then, with each additional roster member, Divekick transformed from a deconstruction of the fighting game genre into a love letter to the industry that birthed it.

A meta formed, a tier list of characters formed, tournaments were held where popular fighting game players always came out on top. Divekick, which at first was a joke about fighting games, became a legitimate fighting game. Would you like to continue?

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