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Can you survive the zombie virus?
From the developer of the popular and successful Super Stardust HD, comes another action packed blaster - this time its infectiously addictive gameplay is more gruesome...

A war is raging over the planet which has left it in chaos and ruin. A zombie virus has rapidly spread through the human population across the globe, leaving it with one hope - you. Among the few capable of fighting back and surviving the mayhem and destruction, your mission is to take on the zombie masses and come out alive.

Do you have what it takes to resist this Dead Nation?

Game Play


• Pit your wits against hundreds of zombies on screen
• Blast your way with a friend in offline co-operative play and rank yourself with online leaderboards
• Track your zombie kills with the daily online world map and reduce the zombie virus with other Dead Nation players in the country you're playing

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Official Playstation Page (US)
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