From the creators of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls comes the next chapter in hardcore, dark fantasy action games. From Software's Bloodborne takes players out of their suits of armor and puts them in a Van Helsing's set of leathers -- there are things that go bump in the night to be dealt with. Yes, Bloodborne shifts from fantasy-trope enemies to a more modern, Elizabethan horror. Werewolves, zombies, Jack the Ripper-type monstrosities and so on. Odds are any vampires within will not be sparkly.

That's not all that From Software is changing with Bloodborne. In an attempt to speed up the action and encourage players to dive in as opposed to kite and backstab, a new system of health return has been added. If hit, players can recuperate health by attacking an enemy back. Counter-hits are now also a thing, where well-timed attacks can result in stunned enemies. There's several additional changes, including gun-type weapons and other fun toys.

Despite the changes, or upgrades as I'm sure From Software would call them, much is still the same in Bloodborne. The difficulty is punishing, leveling requires practice and perseverance, the story is told in subtle, nuanced ways, and the world is dark, mysterious and dying thing. There's no saving this world or its people. There's only searching, hoping, and moving forward.

Bloodborne will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, as the game was developed largely in partnership with Sony's Japan Studio in order to speed up development post-Dark Souls 2's launch.

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