WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Tom None
ShadowJ None
Nicodm None
todd22 None
jespomo None
Bri None
jay84h None
Orikin None
G1LB3RT None
wwe_edge None
Deszie7 None
Gamesta100 None
Primetime21 None
PangTong_Blademaster None
TruTrey None
jerryxo2 None
The New Era None
kaiheat None
Rosicky77 None
RonandinhoDAMAN None
M_The_Man None
Dev720 None
Gazza None
Swordsmen None
androidmaker None
XtremeX10X None
aeg3d None
Danger King Of Kings None
quickly None
Emperorsith None
shortstuff2k9 None
Bigtime_Cowboy None
Shawn_Michaels_fan None
Xemik XX None
foodmanhhh None
jonnyjambo16 None
ErikR68 None
demon_dave_uk None
JoeyDemon138 None
Ross County God None
cojo94 None
rhino_345 None
beboto None
David Macphail None
allanjtw None
cliddid212 second greatest game ever.
sithlordmrguy None
kingjames200 really like this game but could've used more wrestlers im a big wwe fan i need to get 2010 for ps3 but i got it for psp still a good game though