When Rubi Malone, a gun-for-hire, agrees to fix a wealthy man’s problem by finding and bringing back his wayward son, she thinks the job is going to be cut and dry. She thought wrong. The job turns out to be more complicated than expected and the man who hired her isn't who he appears to be. On the run and looking for the man who betrayed her, Rubi is leaving a massive body count in her wake.


  • Three Types of Gameplay – Seamlessly combines three types of gameplay: 360 degree slip-aiming mechanics, sword fighting and acrobatic abilities.
  • Acclaimed Writer Duppy Demitrius – Written by Demitrius who is best known for his work on the action-packed TV series 24.
  • Ultimate Interactive Action Experience – Over-the-top acrobatics with constant action that features aerial sword attacks, fantastic sword skills and high body count.
  • Cinematographic Style – Unique retro film visual treatment with stylized over-the-top characters, an original 70’s inspired soundtrack and locations that span three continents.
  • New Iconic Character – Rubi combines attitude, style and killer instinct!

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kelmar1976 and 5 others played WET
Mar 17, 12 10:03am

WET is essentially a celebration of all things gritty, action packed, and morally...

Mar 01, 11 10:14am

Like a judge in [insert country name here]'s Top Model, Wet isn't above being brutally...

Behaviour Interactive, formerly known as A2M, is looking to expand the WET and Naughty Bear IPs with a sequel for... posted Nov 08, 10 8:58pm

Oct 09, 10 12:33pm

To improve a concept, give it an arsenal of guns. It worked for Fallout 3, didn't it?

Wet is one of those games that,...

Oct 02, 10 5:48am
Made out to look like an old Bruce Lee REALY fun to play WET PS3
Dec 13, 09 12:26am
I beat it about 4 months ago WET X360
Oct 04, 09 11:10pm
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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Sep 18, 09 4:39am

Well then, in my last post I mentioned some reviews and what not you guys can look forward to. The first one is up on the front page, for WET by Bethesda and A2M. It's a game many have heard of but may not know a whole lot about. The review is one of my harsher ones, but for the most part I can tell you it's not a bad game. In fact, many people might find it enjoyable.

Some have noted the score is rather low, but in my opinion, it's not. Truly bad games will dip lower than that. Honestly, just read about the complaints, and if they don't dissuade you, go ahead and give the game a shot. I just recommend renting it or waiting for the price to drop. I just have trouble justifying paying full price for a buggy game that feels unfinished.

Anyway, aside from that, we also have our preview of Modern Warfare 2 up, posted earlier this evening. Gabe documents his account of the Los Angeles preview event with Activision. If you like video games at all, you'll check those out. I'll be nice and provide the links too:

cortana modern warfare 2 bethesda activision neoseeker musingsthoughts neoseeker related gaming related

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RabidChinaGirl blogged
Sep 16, 09 8:52pm

Hey, Neoseeker community. Just a heads up for what you guys can expect in the coming weeks for game review. Aside from Gabriel bringing you the Modern Warfare 2 preview night event (soon), we've got some reviews coming up you may be interested in. As you may have noticed, Neoseeker is becoming more video game driven, not just hardware.

First, WET by Bethesda and A2M will be posted this week, and I'm getting Halo 3: ODST soon as well -- supposedly by Friday. A little stressed because Activision is probably sending Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, as they have a habit of sending games automatically but late. Gabe will hopefully get our PR guy to change that, because I don't want to have to review all three at once.

Before I left for Taiwan, I reviewed three games in a row, but they were separated accordingly so there was not much overlap. Unfortunately, I got little to no sleep and wound up getting sick overseas. Joy.

Anyway, keep an eye on the front page, our Twitter, or this blog for updates.

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Sep 02, 09 6:20pm
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Artificial Mind and Movement (A2M) have up to this point been developing, to be blunt, kids stuff and licensed... posted Aug 14, 09 5:52pm

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