WarHawk Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
S v R 2010 No completion date None
Shadow of Death No completion date Pretty good at flying Warhawks, and decent on the ground. Good in tanks too.
ReaperOscuro No completion date Nope, not highest rank -imo Warhawk has the most unfair rank system I have ever seen. Ok, you need around 500000 points for the top rank. On a good game, I am getting around 50 points. Guess its possible to get 100 if its going exceedingly well. So lets say an average of 50 points per game, although its probably more like 30. So I would need...10000 games before I can even get close to the max rank. Now that is hardcore, and I respect that: only the hardcore should be allowed such a prestigious title. But its a bit too ridiculously hardcore: I want to play the game to have fun, not clock on it probably 1000 hours of grinding. Fun, not grinding. I refuse, so Ive completed it because ive done every mode, every map, and tried every experience it had.
samwise995 No completion date None
deadguy56 No completion date None
Bomwatchout No completion date None