Virtua Tennis 4 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.8/10

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Virtua Tennis 4 Reviews

website score publish date
Game Focus 5.3/10 May 24 '11
Game Watcher 7.5/10 May 20 '11
Games Radar 5/10 Jun 20 '11
Gamespot 5.5/10 May 17 '11
Gamespot 5.5/10 May 17 '11
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Virtua Tennis 4 Previews

website publish date
Destructoid Apr 29 '11
EuroGamer Sep 10 '10
Games Radar Feb 15 '11
Gamespot Feb 08 '11
IGN PS3 Feb 08 '11
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Destructoid on May 02 '11

"When Japanese developers tackle genres and standards that are familiar to Western gamers, you can always count on them to deliver a non-traditional take on those tropes. Consider Sega’s upc..."

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Game Watcher on May 25 '11

"Rallying around the same gameplay."

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Games Radar on Feb 16 '11

" Though it has long since exited the console race, SEGA's ability to deliver arcade experiences at home is something few developers can match. Since the series' debut, first in arcades and shortly..."

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Games Radar on Jul 06 '11

" Even though it’s the fifth of the series, Virtua Tennis 4 is - for better or worse depending on your affection for Sega’s tennis games - still very much what we remember playing in..."

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