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Players assume the role of a futuristic warrior engaged in contests of intense shooting battles against skilled opponents, controlled either by human contestants online or by A.I. These contests are fought with the most powerful sci-fi weapons and vehicles. It's FPS action at it's best!


  • Unparalleled graphical and physical realism from the latest Unreal Engine 3 technology delivers the most compelling First Person Shooter Experience to-date...online and offl ine!
  • Vast arsenal of weapons. The weaponry is bigger and badder than ever. Destroy your opponent from a distance with the ever popular Link Gun or blast away at close range with the Bio Rifl e. There are a ton of weapons to choose from and many have been upgraded for maximum performance and killing sprees.
  • Single player mode rivals the online experience! Battle against lightening fast A.I. in the deeper and richer single player tournament mode.
  • Onslaught vehicle combat, taken to a new level. Expanded Onslaught game type features two complete sets of high-tech vehicles, including the massive Leviathan, the terrifying Darkwalker, and a completely new way to get into the action...the Hoverboard.
  • New and favorite characters. Fight side-by-side with or compete against new and returning characters from the UT franchise, all with enhanced abilities, extremely detailed looks and distinct personalities.
  • Enhanced popular game types, including: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Instagib CTF and more.
  • Online innovations. Unreal Tournament 2007 provides seamless loading on servers in addition to improved matchmaking for more evenly matched competitors.
  • Bundled with the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 Toolset. Build your own levels, gametypes, and more, or download the latest mods from the massive Unreal community.

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for a game to hold off gears of war... this is pretty good, its like a fusion of Halo and gears UnrealTournament3 PC
Fun game, good if you want to waste 5 or 10 minutes before doing something else. Just boot up a quick, hectic bot match. UnrealTournament3 PC
Played this at a friends house loved it. Got it kinda lost it quality but still fun. Score: 7.5/10 UnrealTournament3 PC

Not too long after the PC release of the Titan Pack for the popular shooter Unreal Tournament III, Epic is following... posted Mar 19, 09 4:54pm

good but needs ranking system UnrealTournament3 PC

Unreal Tournament is back and better than ever. The fast paced, bullet biting, earth...


If you are into the steady shooters for the next gen consoles or prefer to hang back...

I have DVD collector's Edition UnrealTournament3 PC

Midway and Epic are quite a bunch, Epic moreso in their recent push to clear Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 in the... posted Nov 26, 07 6:17pm

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