Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Own / Want List

Username Comments
Renowned None
MrX867 None
rDAVE None
Christian Neace6 None
WangChung None
Arju None
Aragorn Vzla None
Andy Jay None
Intoxication None
Tifabelle None
Samkuro None
pokeguy675 None
Trev_GFC None
WereJackal None
Krunal None
Andy None
Murphyb None
beatrixgamer None
EFC Kid None
gonzab 9/10
Just a Shadow None
The unwashed heathen None
Joshua Mackley None
Gamer Boy None
Akira_EX None
primocomedian None
Gargomon None
pilgrim None
red dragoon None
CarRamrod None
faris32 None
Mystic None
Guticb None
billabong52 None
Double_En None
Shadow of Death Finished on normal, didn't go back to it since I got ticked that the Trophies weren't Retroactive.
Renegade_xWo None
Massive Attack None
Jak66 Best Adventure Game!
Slayerholic17 None
SpiritMafia None
not logged in None
WireFrame None
DQ Maniac None
Shuyu None
Dobbo87 None
Sora65 None
SnAkE6PHW None
Mnmfan None
Besaid Blitzballer None