Trine 2 is the sequel to the Physics-based co-operative action-platforming Trine.

The kingdom is troubled once more, now by wildly growing weedsand forests. The three heroes of the Trine come together again : Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief must embark on a fabulous journey to unravel the mysteries of the cursed forests.

Game Play

Travel through lush, visually stunning yet dangerous worlds, and fend off the assaults of fearsome monsters! Put the special abilities of your three heroes to good use, in order to overcome numerous, lethal traps, solve many physics-based puzzles, and unlock incredible mysteries! You will gain experience through your adventure, allowing you to unlock and upgrade all-new abilities!

Locally or online, invite two of your friends to join you in your adventure ! No challenge is too great if you work as a team: combine your powers, and find new ways to overcome obstacles, puzzles and monsters!


  • Thrilling puzzles and intense action for both solo and co-op players
  • Amazing graphics, producing one of the most enchanting adventure ever
  • Solve challenges and puzzles in unlimited ways – combine the 3 characters’ abilities and let your mind come up with creative solutions never seen before
  • Invite your friends and play up to 3 players in local or online multiplayer

Hardware Info

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If all else fails, summon boxes. Trine2 PC
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Beautifully rendered and extremely fun 3 player co-op. 9/10 Trine2 PS3
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