Tony Hawk: Ride Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.0/10

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Tony Hawk: Ride Reviews

website score publish date
Digital Chumps 6.0/10 Dec 09 '09
1UP D+ Dec 07 '09
Gamespot 3.5/10 Dec 03 '09
Gamespy 2.5/5 Nov 24 '09
IGN PS3 5/10 Nov 20 '09
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Tony Hawk: Ride Previews

website publish date
Games Radar Oct 15 '09
Games Radar Sep 28 '09
Gamespot Oct 08 '09
Gamespot Nov 10 '09
Gaming Excellence Oct 19 '09
IGN PS3 Sep 04 '09
IGN PS3 Nov 05 '09
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1UP on Dec 17 '09

"When Neversoft announced earlier this year that they would no longer helm their flagship skateboarding series, I was simultaneously relieved and heartbroken at the prospect of a new team taking a..."

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Games Radar on Oct 24 '09

"We had a lengthy, several hours session with Tony Hawk Ride the other day. We came to the conclusion that Tony Hawk Ride isn't like other Tony Hawk games. It's still all about skateboarding, but..."

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Games Radar on Oct 24 '09

"How much space is left in your living room? That’s the question you need to ask yourself when you think about Tony Hawk Ride. Unlike games like Guitar Hero and DJ Hero, where the giant, ugly..."

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Gamespot on Oct 11 '09

"We jumped on the skateboard peripheral to play an updated build of the skating legend's new game. "

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Gamespot on Nov 19 '09

" Get the full article at GameSpot"

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