Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Reviews

website score publish date article quality
1UP 8.5/10 Jun 26 '07
Game Informer 9/10 Jul 01 '07
GameDaily 8/10 Jun 26 '07
GameSpot 9/10 Jun 29 '07
GameZone 8.5/10 Jun 28 '07
Yahoo! Gamesource 4.5/5 Jun 11 '07
Gamespy 3.5/5 Jul 06 '07
IGN PS3 8.7/10 Jun 27 '07
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Previews

website publish date article rating
Computer and Video Games May 30 '06
Future Gamez May 11 '06
Gamer Within Jun 10 '06 May 10 '06
GameSpot May 11 '06
Gamespy May 12 '06
IGN PS3 May 10 '06
IGN PS3 Jun 05 '07
IGN PS3 Sep 19 '06
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Quoted from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Reviews:
Check out these quotes from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas reviews & previews
"Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas is shaping up to be an impressive tactical shooter on all fronts. With the improved command system, impressive visuals and seemingly tight gameplay, we are looking forward to getting our hands on the final version, which is scheduled to ship later this year. "
"It's safe to say that while Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas is pretty much an instant classic on the Xbox 360, it's dragged down by detail after important detail on the PS3. It's got the same core single-player experience that we enjoyed on the Xbox 360, albeit minus rumble and some of the polish of the 360 game's visuals. Also, the gameplay feels as though it has mapped exceptionally well to the PS3's controller, unlike many other ports for the console. However, Rainbow Six has traditionally been a multiplayer-focused franchise, and it's here that the game disappoints. From headset glitches to lag to the lack of personalization, Vegas feels like a big letdown on PS3. If you're not into terrorist-hunting online with friends, nor is Canister up your alley, then you'll probably feel at home with the single-player campaign. We hope that subsequent installments show us better days for Team Rainbow on the PS3."
"Aside from our slight worry about the health system, Rainbow Six: Vegas' multiplayer portion looks fantastic. It's even more dynamic and natural than it's ever been, and the fact that it carries next-gen visuals is only icing on the cake."
"Control-wise, the game feels spot-on with the 360 version, aside from the standard differences in the controllers. In other words, the movement and look acceleration is exactly what we expected and it's as responsive as the Xbox title, if maybe a tad bit looser due to the PS3's analog sticks. Good stuff here."
"Though a took a while for it to get to the PlayStation 3, Rainbow Six: Vegas is a great shooter and should be picked up by anyone who's even remotely into tactical shooters. The series' strength has always been its online play, but Vegas manages to bring an engaging single-player experience to the table as well. With a total of 20 multiplayer maps, the ability to play through the whole game cooperatively online, terrorist hunt and the single-player missions, there's a whole lot to this package and it shouldn't be passed up."