Ever since the quantum time jump and betrayal of Krone occurred, life as it was known ceased to exist. What was once a pristine and thriving city, Alpha District is now an alternate reality wrought with chaos and destruction. Join the rebel forces in the highly anticipated first-person shooter that features your ability to master time to become the ultimate weapon.
Aug 22, 11 8:25pm
this game is good............ is it had iron sights. TimeShift PC
deathreaper82 and 15 others own TimeShift
Apr 09, 10 8:15am
Pretty much finished this the day I got it. Not a very long game, but plenty of replay value. TimeShift PC
jbh and 3 others played TimeShift
Jul 07, 09 9:34am
I don't why people didn't like this, its like Matrix on steroids TimeShift PC
Hatchet Boy
Jun 08, 09 2:54pm
2nd best game ever TimeShift PC
AA TTrue GGamer
Mar 08, 08 8:19pm
First online experience. Me likey. TimeShift PC
Sep 26, 07 11:07am
I love the opening sequence TimeShift PC
Aug 16, 07 2:01pm
added 10 new screenshots
supreme kai
Aug 13, 07 11:06pm
added 10 new concept art
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