There’s a job opening for a crack helicopter pilot with the notorious Thunder Wolves. Our group of experienced combat professionals has dodged more bullets and blown up more bridges than the US 7th Army, and we are currently looking to replace a reliable member who was killed in action.

Extensive travel is required and periods of relentless destruction are common. High focus capacities and a daredevil behavior are prerequisites. Cautious types, gun-shy and the weak-hearted abstain.

Game Play


- Establish Air Supremacy
A highly competent engineering team will help you choose the best type of chopper according to the requirements of your mission:
o Recon: when the main goal is to sneak behind enemy lines
o Support: when a bulletproof war-machine able to fly under heavy fire is required
o Attack: when total annihilation is the only answer
All in all you’ll have to master 8 top-notch choppers and become a flying nightmare for enemy units.

- Your helicopter is your best friend
Collect and enhance your choppers until they become ultimate hunters. Thanks to a large range of offensive and defensive weapons, you can adapt your favorite toy to your personal combat style.

Hardware Info

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