The Incredible Hulk Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.6/10

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The Incredible Hulk Reviews

website score publish date
Console Monster 35% Jun 29 '08
Digital Chumps 6.6/10 Jun 27 '08
GameDaily 6/10 Jun 10 '08
Gamespy 2/5 Jun 17 '08
GameZone 6.0/10 Jun 17 '08
IGN PS3 6/10 Jun 09 '08
Videogamer 5/10 Jul 10 '08
Worthplaying 7.5/10 Jun 25 '08
Gamespot 5.5/10 Jun 12 '08
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The Incredible Hulk Previews

website publish date
Gamespot May 28 '08
Gamespy Apr 18 '08
IGN May 16 '08
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Gamespot on Jun 10 '08

"The basics of gameplay let you do just about everything you'd want to do as the Hulk--in other words, smash and bash, which is a good thing. "

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Gamespy on Jun 10 '08

"Just like a character in the classic quarter-munching arcade game Rampage, the Hulk can scale buildings with ease, and completely demolish them with just a bit more effort."

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IGN on Jun 10 '08

"The Incredible Hulk features elements and characters from the movie, to be sure. But it's less of a movie tie-in then, say, the abomination that was Iron Man."

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IGN PS3 on Jun 10 '08

"The Incredible Hulk is pretty much a straight sequel to Ultimate Destruction. Trouble is, Edge of Reality took out far more than it added. Though Hulk is a serviceable game that can be enjoyed over..."

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