The Eye of Judgment sees the dawn of a new way to interact with the PLAYSTATION3 system as an innovative game for the world of card games. Using the immense power of PLAYSTATION 3, and the ground-breaking technology of the next generation camera, players can now enjoy a totally new genre in gaming.


The Eye of Judgment presents a new style of gameplay where the player brings characters/monsters of fantasy trading cards to life for battle in 3D. Through use of a 3' x 3' board and trading cards - each encrypted with "cybercode", players conquer the field by selecting a card and placing the "cybercode" in front of the next generation camera for their respective character to come to life and battle. Each character has various skillsets, which will determine the outcome of the battle. Players take turns to place cards as they jostle for control of the board; the winner is the first player to capture five of the nine squares. The Eye of Judgment presents the player with more than 30 cards, as well as unique online and offline gameplay.


  • A revolutionary new way to use PS3: a much-loved traditional gaming format given new life in 3D by the next-generation computer entertainment system
  • Showcases the power of the next-generation camera: this is the first example of the possibilities of camera gaming on PS3
  • See your creatures come to life in High Definition 3D
  • Chose from over 100 different cards to do battle with - from creatures to spells - and play with your cards even when you're away from your PS3
  • Suitable for one or two players
  • Collaborating with trading cards experts Hasbro
  • A range of data expansion discs and card decks planned for release, continually refreshing and changing gameplay strategies

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