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A direct sequel to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim takes place in the frozen, mountainous province which is home to the Nords. The Dragons return and a mysterious quest to find or perhaps even become the one known as Dovahkiin, the "Dragon Born," begins!

Game Play

No game play footage has been released as of yet, but the game will most likely follow its predecessors in that it will be a first-person action-RPG. Create your own character and level him or her up while undertaking various quests in the expansive, free-roaming landscape of Skyrim.


Hardware Info

Mods on, HUD off; three years later and Skyrim is still breathtakingly beautiful. TheElderScrolls5Skyrim PC
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Need help don't know how to cure vampirism need any info possible on how to cure it TheElderScrolls5Skyrim X360

Bethesda today announced plans to release a beautiful Nightingale statue, based on the faction... posted Aug 06, 14 1:45pm


Skyrim. It was an awaited sequel to Oblivion. Some Elder Scrolls fans, including me, had wondered...

Rumors of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim going next-gen have popped up after a listing on Bethesda's... posted Jan 08, 14 8:14pm

Start the game, go into the consul right after choosing your class, and then spawn a bunch of skeletons to make the guards kill them. X3 TheElderScrolls5Skyrim PC
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