Ron Gilbert is back in The Cave. That's not to say he's like a troll living in a cave or anything. The game's named The Cave and it is made by Ron Gilbert, of Monkey Island and other LucasArts stuff fame. This time it's publisher SEGA giving Ron money to turn his twisted sense of humor from prose to gameplay, god help us all.

The Cave finds an interesting balance between platformer and adventure game, tasking the player with jumping a group of three different characters through 2D maze-like structures. They'll hunt down important items, solve a myriad of puzzles and do some lighthearted jumping challenges. Ultimately, however, the real challenge is in discovering who these characters are, what The Cave is, and what to make of it all.

Each of the seven playable characters are unique and have their own background story. Starting at The Cave's entrance, these characters will go spelunking and piece by piece put together their memories by reliving certain events from their lives. There be secrets in this cave, secrets only the cave can share, but what's this cave hiding and why may be the biggest secrets of all.

The Cave is a dark comedy that doesn't quite adapt Ron Gilbert's past successes into a modern form, but certainly delivers a unique experience that's both nostalgic and still fun.

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The Cave is an interesting game. On the surface, it appears to be a platformer with...

Ron Gilbert, the man behind adventure classics Maniac Mansion, the first two Monkey Island games, and plenty... posted Mar 11, 13 9:16pm

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