Tekken Revolution is a spinoff entry in Namco Bandai's long-running fighting game series, designed to play more like a simplified arcade release. The game was released a free-to-play download for PS3, and includes 8 characters; the full roster features a total of 29 characters, most unlocked through play.

One major gameplay change in Tekken Revolution is the removal of "bound" style combos where players could essentially juggle opponents in hitstun after slamming them into the ground (or straight through it, in some stages) using certain moves. Instead, Tekken Revolution introduces the ability to "upgrade" characters using Skill Points players can allocate to increase the Strength, Endurance or Vigor stats.

These enhanced characters can be used in both Arcade and online Ranked Match modes, but they can be disabled for online Player Matches. The Online Vs. modes

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