Set one year after the events of Tales of Xillia in the world of Elenpios, Xilia 2 will star Ludger Will Kresnik and Elle Mel Mata as main characters. One of the central themes of this direct sequel revolves around the important question of, "Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl?"

Game Play

Tales of Xillia 2 focuses its story theme around the concept of “choice”, which is also expressed heavily in the game’s overall gameplay mechanics. Throughout Ludger’s journey the player will be able to decide how he reacts to various characters and situations. These choices can cause the story to branch out into different paths depending on the player’s decisions.

Choice also extends to the battle system for Tales of Xillia 2 by enhancing the Tales Of series’ trademark gameplay. Players will be able to initiate “Weapon Swap” in real-time during battles while controlling Ludger, allowing him to switch between three main weapons: dual blades, a sledgehammer and dual pistols, allowing for fast and strategic movements as he rushes across the battlefield. Building on the base from Tales of Xillia's battle system, the new Cross Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System will let players link to any selectable character in battle to serve as a support character and perform linked artes against targeted enemies. Different party members have different support characteristics and linked artes, allowing players to strategically decide which characters are linked to whom as various battle situations arise.

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