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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is a bundle including an HD rework of Tales of Symphonia in addition its 2008 sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

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CrazyDutchwoman played Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
Taking a short break from DotNW to get to Triet in a new ToS run! I need my Monster List. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Worst version of my favorite boss battle ever. :( It was only cool when the boss scored a 13-hit combo on me. Torent Forest, by the way. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Music was changed at one point to go with new title song. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
"I only have one body. I can't express my love for all of you at the same time." - Zelos Wilder TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
102-hit combo on the most epic boss in the game, Plantix. Waddup. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Starting gameplay for today. The goal is to make it to the coliseum so I can play around for a bit. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Oh man. Colloyd in Altamira subevent. I just...tears. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Celsius seemed too easy this time. Or maybe I'm just awesome...jk I love this game, but I suck at it. Still got MAX Grade from it though. TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Off to get Curry and some ingredients! Perhaps I'll start the Devil's Arms quest as well! TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Minor complaint. The Sorcerer's Ring noise in Meltokio Sewers results in slight input lag. I've played this game too much to NOT notice that TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Ktugach and the Ktugachlings are down. :) TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3
Starting this beautiful game up tomorrow! TalesOfSymphoniaChronicles PS3

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is now available for pre-order through the PlayStation Store.... posted Feb 06, 14 12:35am

Namco Bandai has recently released three character trailers of some beloved Tales characters -... posted Feb 03, 14 9:48am

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