Tales of Graces f is the PS3 remake of the 2009 Wii JRPG, featuring enhanced graphics and gameplay. Players will join protagonist Asbel Lhant as he and his childhood friends struggle to defuse what initially appears to be a political spat between the three major nations of Ephinea. Together with a mysterious girl named Sophie, Asbel will uncover a greater force behind the scenes involving the crystals that sustain the planet.

Tales of Graces f features the series' hallmark Linear Motion Battle System during enemy encounters, allowing players to take control of party members in 3D battlefields and take on foes using combo-based attacks and Artes. Characters can switch between fighting styles during battle via the Style Shift system to enhance combo potential and attacks, or better defend/evade enemy attacks. Three other players can join in to control the other party members.

The PS3 release of Tales of Graces includes an exclusive new epilogue chapter promising over 10 hours of additional gameplay complete with new dungeons and monsters.

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