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The Professor is back for the most ultimate revenge. You must defeat his forces and save your home solar system from total annihilation. Five planets are under attack. Your destiny is to save the home solar system, yet again.
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Shortly after the PlayStation Network Store is brought back online, both PS3 and PSP users can begin to enjoy... posted May 16, 11 6:38pm

this game is kinda hard, but once you start shooting everywhere sometimes you cant see what your doin which really bothers me. 8.2/10 SuperStardustHD PS3

Meteor Wars!
For quite some time, the PS3 didn't exactly live up to the expectations...

Just what you imagine a 2dDshooting game would become if it was changed to 3D! The most hand-eye co-ordination intensive game I have... SuperStardustHD PS3
Conditions need to be updated to allow DLC. SuperStardustHD PS3
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8.5 / 10
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