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Starhawk Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Gaming Evolution 9/10 Jul 08 '12
IGN PS3 9/10 May 07 '12
Leviathyn 8/10 May 18 '12
1UP B- May 11 '12
Computer and Video Games 8/10 May 09 '12
Destructoid 7/10 Aug 10 '12
Games Radar 8/10 May 08 '12
GameSpot 7.5/10 May 08 '12
GameSpot 7.5/10 May 08 '12
GameSpot 7.5/10 May 08 '12
Strategy Informer 9.0/10 Dec 31 '69
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Starhawk Previews

website publish date article rating Mar 26 '12
Computer and Video Games May 13 '11
Computer and Video Games Apr 15 '12
EuroGamer May 13 '11
Games Radar Dec 21 '11
Games Radar Aug 17 '11
Games Radar Mar 08 '12
Games Radar May 13 '11
Games Radar Dec 20 '11
GameSpot May 13 '11
Gamespy May 13 '11
Gamespy May 13 '11
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Quoted from Starhawk Reviews:
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"Starhawk gives you the tools to build and jump into battle quickly and introduce a layer of strategy that's a welcome addition for the genre. Campaign mode complements the effort and provides enough story context to make building and battling in this space western fairly interesting. The predictable story of Emmet Graves won't win any Oscars, but the narrative delivers a strong foundation for a bigger/better sequel someday. I guess the same applies to Starhawk as a whole: Developer LightBox Interactive has delivered a fun first effort, but hopefully a sequel can iterate on the RTS elements and transform them into something more substantial."
"The beauty is you don’t have to be some dastardly, monocle sporting, tactical genius to get into it. It does exactly as it says on the tin and the results speak for themselves in seconds."
"We'd like to call Starhawk Battlefield in space; it's every bit as strategic, but at present the core shooting lacks punch and the game is visually flaky. Lightbox have two months to add polish and iron out any issues however."
"If there's one major drawback to Starhawk, it's that the campaign feels like it could have used more work. While there are those that would argue this is a secondary concern next to the game's online mode, the fact is Starhawk's thin campaign feels like a missed opportunity. Why bother building a compelling space-western universe if you aren't going to fill it with decent stories and more than one memorable character? It's not that Starhawk's in-game experience isn't fun - given its solid foundations, how could it be anything but? It's just that if you want your IP to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the PS3's heaviest hitters, you need to offer players the complete package."
"And yeah, its time for another drink..." Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive, posted on Twitter, Tuesday. Sony made a gamble when it invested in Lightbox Interactive to make a competitive multiplayer shooter called..."