Spider-Man 3 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.1/10

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Spider-Man 3 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Digital Chumps 5.2/10 Mar 19 '08
GameDaily 5/10 May 07 '07
Thunderbolt 5/10 Jun 06 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.0/10 May 04 '07
GameSpot 6.6/10 May 04 '07
Gamespy 3/5 May 04 '07
IGN PS3 6.0/10 May 04 '07
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Spider-Man 3 Previews

website publish date article rating
TotalPlaystation Feb 22 '07
IGN PS3 Feb 22 '07
IGN PS3 Apr 02 '07
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Quoted from Spider-Man 3 Reviews:
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"This is, at best, a step sideways for the Spider-Man movie games."
"An improved version of Spider-Man 2 isn't a bad thing at all. The visuals are looking crisp and it appears that Treyarch took a lot of the criticisms Spider-Man 2 received to heart when laying out the design for this next title in the series. If you liked the previous games, Spider-Man 3 will surely deliver all of the aerial acrobatics and web slinging action you could hope for."
"When it comes down to it, Spider-Man 3 is an accumulation of all the tricks, features, and systems from every single Spider-Man game to date, which makes this an especially erudite rendition. That Treyarch has handled the side missions well, raised the ceiling in the sewer and underground environments to get better camera angles, and broken up the combat with many ways to attack and counter, especially using aerial combat to Spider-Man's strength, portrays the team's vision is clear and far-reaching."
"If you're desperate for a Spider-Man game, this one fills your need for webs, but other than nailing what web-swinging should feel like, this game is a bust. We were promised a Spidey experience that was next-gen and expanded on everything Spider-Man 2 did right, but we were given a buggy game that's just Spider-Man 2: Special Edition. Combat is brainless button-mashing, the bosses are frustrating and cheap, the visuals aren't worthy of your PS3, and although the random crimes aren't the same events over and over, they definitely reuse the same ideas."
"Spidey! On PS3! Your friendly neighborhood wall crawler is going next-gen, and we've got the first peek."