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Average Review Score: 6.6/10

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Sorcery Reviews

website score publish date
D+PAD 3/5 Jun 13 '12
Destructoid 6/10 May 21 '12
Digital Chumps 8.8/10 May 21 '12
EuroGamer 7/10 May 21 '12
Game Informer 6.75/10 May 21 '12
Gameplanet 8/10 Jun 14 '12
Gaming-Age B+ May 25 '12
IGN PC 7.5/10 May 21 '12
Metro 6/10 May 22 '12
Playstation lifestyle 5.5/10 May 21 '12
Playstation Magazine UK 8/10 May 21 '12
Thesixthaxis 7/10 May 21 '12
Computer and Video Games 7.8/10 May 21 '12
Gamespot 4.5/10 Jun 01 '12
Gamespot 4.5/10 Jun 01 '12
Gamespot 4.5/10 Jun 01 '12 65% Jun 04 '12
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Sorcery Previews

website publish date
EuroGamer Sep 15 '10
Games Radar Dec 19 '11
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D+PAD on Jun 17 '12

"Thinking back to its E3 debut, Sorcery can’t help but feel like a missed opportunity. Had the first few hours of the game been sliced off, Finn’s spell-blending been given a more central billing..."

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Destructoid on Jun 17 '12

"For those desperate to use their Move controllers in something exclusively centered around the Move, Sorcery provides a few hours of inanity that can be gratifying, if in a slightly underwhelming..."

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Digital Chumps on Jun 17 '12

"Sorcery only has the story mode, and there isn't a great deal of reason to go back unless you're Trophy hunting or are otherwise on a completionist quest. By the looks of it, there won't be any..."

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EuroGamer on Jun 17 '12

"If anything, it's the Move controller rather than that clumsy apprentice or his mysterious cat that emerges as Sorcery's true star. If you're an eight-year-old kid, this short burst of adventure is..."

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Game Informer on Jun 17 '12

"I like Sorcery, but the Move controls hold it back. It could have been a fun action game with an engaging story and environmental puzzles (I use the term “puzzle” generously, as they are all..."

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