You take on the persona of Nate Ranco who is a test pilot from America who takes a sudden crash in Russian territory. A science experiment has gone horribly wrong, with an island shifting in and out of time between 1950 and 2010. In 1950 it's a military facility, in 2010 it's a barren wasteland. Now it's just a matter of survival, with alien threats ever near.
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Developer: Raven Software
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The prospect of making the next big hit...

Gravity is a funny thing.  Apparently, this force of nature is also the final TMD attack in Singularity.  The... posted Jun 04, 10 10:15pm

The Time Manipulation Device in Singularity may be one of the most incredible accessories found in an FPS.  We've... posted May 27, 10 7:49pm

With all the cool stuff you can do in Singularity using the Time Manipulation Device, it's no surprise that... posted May 21, 10 9:19pm

June is sneaking up on us, ready to backstab May and show off its lineup of games.  Singularity, Raven's... posted May 20, 10 7:20pm

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